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Sports and Games are inseparable co-scholastic activities help to enhance learners with sound body and well balanced thoughts. It helps them to channelise their energy in a fruitful way. Moreover, it boosts their immune system. Indulging in Physical Activities along with academics will make the children energetic and quick wit. Inclusion of Sports and Games in Curriculum helps the young minds to be Self- disciplined, independent, confident, cooperative and above all, respectful both towards rules and other fellow beings. Participating in sports helps students to understand the true value of team work. Through collaboration, students learn how collective effort can create the success. Students from Grade I to XII are encouraged to take part in various sports activities. The school has been divided into four Houses and they are named after four colours – BLUE HOUSE, GREEN HOUSE, RED HOUSE and YELLOW HOUSE. Each house functions according to guidance of in-charge teachers.