Rule and Regulations



 The birth certificate issued by the competent authority.

 The child should complete 6+ years.

 Copies of Aadhaar Card(both parents’ and child).

 Passport Size Photographs .

GRADE II Onwards

 Original e-TC issued by previous school along with the admission form .

 Copy of Birth Certificate.

 Copies of Aadhaar Card(both parents’ and child).

 Passport Size Photographs.


 Parents are not allowed to visit classrooms and to take out students during the class hours without the permission of the Principal.

 Parents should not send the children wearing gold ornaments to the school. The school does not hold any responsibility for the loss of such valuables.

 Parents must check and sign the school diaries daily.

 Leave letter should be submitted duly signed by the parent/s the very next day stating proper reason for leave.

 The parents are expected to attend the meetings arranged in the school to be intimated about the academic performance of their wards.

 Taking the child from classes frequently for social functions during school time is not recommended, as it may cause losing his / her respect for regularity and focus on academics.

  An unauthorised person should not be permitted to collect any child during school hours without an authorisation letter from the parent.

 Five days of continuous absence can only be regularised on submission of a medical certificate..

  Five days of continuous absence can only be regularised on submission of a medical certificate.

 In order to develop English communication skills, the students must converse only in English in the school campus. The parents too are expected to encourage their wards to speak in English.

 Pass percentage is 33% for all subjects for Grade VI to X. It is 35% for XI & XII.


 The students are expected to speak in English in the school campus.

 Projects and Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) assigned should be taken seriously as grades are awarded in the X and XII certificates on the basis of the assigned works done.

 Boys should come to school with proper hair cut and girls (who has long hair)with two plaits.

 Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to the school.

 Costly ornaments should be avoided in the school.

 Damaging property of school or other students, misbehaviour in the school or indulging in malpractices will be a sufficient reason for a student either to be suspended or dismissed from the school.

 Cleanliness and neatness in dress, body, books and surroundings are expected from all studfents.

 All students are expected to maintain proper decorum and ettiquetes.


Grade I to XII 07.15 a.m. to 01.45 p.m.
Interval/ Break 11:10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Grade I to XII 8.15 a.m. to 2.45 p.m.
Interval/Break 12.10 a.m. to 12.30 a.m.


Mondays Uniform in white as prescribed
Boys Std. I to Std. IV Light Green Shorts/Std. V and above Pants (Prescribed colour by the school), White Shirt (with tie collar) Black Shoes.
Girls Light Green Skirt (Prescribed colour) length upto knee, White Shirt, Tie Collar and Green Ribbon.
Boys Std. I to Std. III Dark Grey Pant, White Shirts Full Sleeves, Moongi Green sweater with two stripes (Prescribed colour)/Std. IV and above Green Coat (Prescribed colour)
Girls Dark Grey Skirt, white shirt full sleeves, Moongi Green Sweater, Green Coat (Prescribed colour), Black Shoes, School Tie and belt and bottle green socks with two stripes (will be worn along with the above.


Library Hours

 Working days -: Monday to Saturday.

 Issue and Return (During Summer Season) -: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

 Issue and Return (During Winter Season) -: 9:30 am to 3:15 pm

Entitlement for Issued Books

 Teachers:- 8 Books (One Month/ Full Semester)

 Other Staff :- 04 Books (One Month)

 Students of Grade IX - XII :- 02 Books (Fifteen Days)

 Students of Grade VI – VIII :- 01 Book (Seven Days)

Roster for Students for Issue and Return of Books
Days Grades
Monday VI
Tuesday VII
Wednesday VIII
Thursday IX
Monday to Saturday X -XII


 Students must have a pass to enter into the Library.

 Handle all the Library materials and books with care.

 Students are not supposed to damage/tear pages/write on the books borrowed.

 Leave the Library Hall in intact condition.

 Keep all the materials back to its place when the students leave the Library

 Eatables are not allowed in the Library.


 The member is responsible for the books borrowed on his/her card.

 The members have to produce his / her card at the time of borrowing.

 Return or renew the borrowed books on time.

 Books may be renewed only if they are brought to the library.

 The librarian is empowered to recall books at any, if it is necessary.

 In case the membership book is lost, duplicate Pass Book will be issued on payment of Rs 50/- to continue the membership.

 Reference books are allowed to use only in the library.

 Issue of books may be refused to the defaulters.


 Return overdue books as soon as possible so that others can make use of it.

 Students with an overdue may not be allowed to borrow further until the book is returned.

 A fine of Rs: 2 per day will be levied for late return.

 A Reminder will be issued to the student if his/her book is overdue for a month.

 Books overdue by three months are considered lost and require immediate payment (decided by the librarian according to the current value of the book.)


 For any lost book, the amount fixed by the librarian is expected to be deposited.

 Student who damages a book/ library material is expected to pay the cost of the book/ material.