It is really hard for any institution to uphold its eminence over a long run. Celebrating its Golden Jubilee in 2021 was auspicious and grateful moment for SHS Family. 50 years of legacy is the fruit of hard work of our fore runners. I commemorate, with all reverence, the endeavour of the founders - Late Mr. Allen Abraham (Founder Chairman) and Late Mrs. Vasantha Abraham (Former Principal) who laid the strong foundation of this institution with their unwavering faith in God and vision to educate every child in the society. We ardently believe that their dreams come true and all their efforts have turned out in making the vast number of alumni who excel in all walks of their lives.
As the Head of the Institution, I am truly honoured to express gratefulness to our staff who work relentlessly and cooperative as well as encouraging parents who have been empowering this institution to continue its saga of success even in the period of Covid-19 Pandemic.

I am very happy with the progress the school has made by imbibing in its students the value based education synergized with modern teaching - learning methodology to produce a well informed and emotionally sound generation. I am optimistic that, in times to come, we will continue this journey with elevated enthusiasm and persistently provide a holistic platform to the young generation learners.

With heartfelt gratitude I thank the Lord Almighty for His abundant grace and luminous leading which He bestowed on this institution for the past 50 years.

May the good God bless you All.

With Regards
Vijaya Jebakumar