Logo Policy

Logo Use Policy of Sacred Heart School, Moga is established to circumvent any legal or Policy related issues raised by any governmental or non-governmental agencies in future. It exhibits identity of the Institution based on the use of logos it obtained through certification and its unique recognition in the society. The following are the criteria regarding the use of school logo and the other logos received by it from other agencies or organisations:

1. The EOMS of SHS will adhere to the terms and conditions of the mother organisations from which the logo is received.

2. The EOMS shall not use any logos accredited to the SHS EOMS for branding any product of school, though it is made by the EOMS.

3. The school shall use logos only in the service related documents.

4. The branding and use of logos shall cease in operation on the day of its expiry.

5. Any logos received will not be distorted or altered while using in the school documents.

6. All logos will be displayed either in its original colour or in black and white as it fits in the documents without losing its proportion & ratio.

7. SHS EOMS deserves the discretion of using more than one logo at a time on any school document without infringing the terms and conditions of the mother organisation during the validity period.

8. In case any mother organization has objection on displaying their logo, SHS deserves the right to delete such logos from the documents of SHS EOMS without any prior notice or information.

9. The SHS EOMS will have the right to take legal action on any individual or organisation for using the name of school or logos acquired by SHS EOMS, if it is done without the prior written permission granted from the school management.

10. The provision of the legal action mentioned in point no. 9 is applicable to all the mediums like notices, pamphlets, brochure and all public as well as social media.

11. SHS EOMS shall not permit to make any misleading statement on using logos or other logos coming to the system through certification or accreditation.

12. Upon the suspension or withdrawal of any certification or accreditation, the EOMS shall discontinue its use of such logos.

13. The logos obtained shall not be applied on visiting cards.