Sacred Heart School, as a vital public platform in moulding responsible future generation by boosting the confidence, makes the students learn the importance of team work and socialisation. Being a Second Home, children spend a lot of time of their student life in school. Thus the infrastructure of school becomes a major factor behind how a child sees the world as he/she grows up. The sub structural facility provided by SHS is enough to fulfill the requirements of our young aspirants.


SHS has a tiny but exquisite and serene Abode of God. It is kept open during school hours.


Curriculum as well as the environment fashioned in the Classrooms of SHS is capable enough to draw out the best latent potentials in a student. Creating such a successful environment will not only enforce quality of their learning but also help them in peer communication to develop their social interaction skills. Students enabled with effective communication skills, their development as global citizens, cognitive and social development of learners and above all, moulding them as good human beings with a passionate hearts as well as rational brains are the fundamental components of our educational philosophy.
Classrooms at Sacred Heart School are well equipped with newfangled facilities and technology. "A home - Away from Home" environment is provided. The scientifically designed seats help the students to feel comfortable. We feel pride in providing excellent Air Conditioned classroom amenities to our students. Computers with Interactive Boards are another attraction of the class.
Exploration, innovative problem solving, independent expression and decision-making are actively encouraged. Students become confident and active learners with a strong sense of self-reliability. We prepare students to face the challenges of the future by creating education programmes relevant to the changing scenario of the world. We believe that access to cutting edge technology and resources enable students to perform at their highest level and to become new leaders of the world.


SHS has a well-stocked Library and a Reading Hall to promote reading habit among the students. The library has a total collection of more than 20,000 books, including books on their subjects of study and in general. It varies from English, Maths, Accountancy, Economics, Commerce, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Environmental Studies, Moral Values, History, Civics, Geography, Punjabi, Hindi, Physical Education, SUPW, Sanskrit, Sociology, Home Science, Political Science, Stories, Novels, Biographies, Autobiographies, Travelogues, Reference Books and Solved Test Papers. Library has a collection of more than18 magazines and 10 National Daily Newspapers of various languages.


SHS has a fully Air Conditioned commodious Lab with a capacity of 48 students and equipped with all the modern facilities. The ambiance is capable enough to encourage the students to take part in the process of Experiential learning actively and excel in the field of Chemistry.


Our Physics Lab is just like a capacious scientific workshop suitable for conducting various experiments and activities. It is equipped with all modern apparatus and facilities to enhance the students' knowledge and roomy enough to accommodate 50 students at a time.


Our Biology Lab is voluminous enough to impart practical training to 40 students with the help of the adept faculty. The Lab has hundreds of preserved specimens of rare plants and animals to explain the theory concepts easily to the students. SHS Biology Lab is engaged in giving basic training and strong foundation to the future professionals.

Computer Lab

SHS has a fully Air Conditioned and Internet conterminous Computer Lab using Server Client Technology, equipped with latest high configured PCs and LCD monitors. The Lab has been provided with a Projector to conduct Online as well as Physical Seminars, Workshops and Orientation Classes.

Maths Lab

The Mathematics Lab of SHS is spacious enough to accommodate 50 students at a time. It uses an advanced system to enable the students to understand the Mathematical Concepts by doing it with the help of instruments developed by Ramanujan Institute of Mathematics, Chennai.


Our Sick Bay is a two bedded fully equipped infirmary. It is staffed with well- qualified first aid Attendants to make the students comfortable..


 If a child is slightly unwell in class, the teacher will send the child to the Medical Room.

  If the child is unwell on the playground, the staff member on duty will send the child to the Medical Room.

  The nurse will inform the parents regarding the actions taken.

  All medical interventions will be recorded in the medical log book by the Nurse.

  All prescribed medication must be submitted to the school office and they will be administered only if they are labelled with medical prescription.

  If a medical intervention beyond the capability of the school nurse occurs, the school will attempt to inform either of the parents immediately and will be functioning according to the advice given by them.

  If the child is unwell and needs to go home, the school will contact the parent.

  A child will not be sent alone, unless it is not informed to the School Admin Office.


A learner will take right and effective decisions by facing and solving artistic challenges. Students are trained in Craft, Flower making, glass painting, Oil Painting, Cloth Painting, Clay Modelling etc The opportunity to create something artistic according to the desire of the child helps to foster creativity. Moreover, Art and Craft Activities help to instill a sense of achievement and pride in children by boosting their self-confidence.

English Lab

English Language Lab is set up with a vision to make our students from Grade I to XII learn and practice foreign languages digitally with the help of internet conterminous Computers and enhanced audio system.

RO System

To provide safe drinking water facility to our learners, SHS is fitted with an incompetent RO System with the outsourcing capacity of 1000 litres per hour and with a storage capacity of 10000 litres. It is maintained periodically and kept as per the standards prescribed by the ISO Certification.