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When you hear anything, you forget it sooner than the activities you see. But when you do any activity physically or let us put the term, practically, it stays in your mind even longer, since you do the experiments understanding the deep theory and concepts involved in it. This gives a hands on experience for the students so that they get a basic fundamental acquaintance to the world of science and technology. In this manner, they can grasp the theoretical concepts even better. Sacred Heart School is equipped with the following labs for the students practical knowledge.


SHS has a tiny, lovely and solace abode of God. It is kept open during school hours..


Fully air conditioned spacious lab with a capacity of 48 students and all the modern facilities. It encourages the students to take part actively in the process of learning by doing. Our ultimate aim is to make the students excel in the field of Chemistry.


Physics Lab is just like a scientific workshop for conducting various experiments and activities. It has a capacity of 50 students. It is equipped with all modern apparatus and facilities to enhance the students' knowledge.


Our Biology Lab imparts parctical training to the students with the help of experienced faculty members. Students get training in section cutting of plant parts like root, stem, leaves etc , parts of flower analysis, slide observation, slide preparation, dissection etc. The lab has hundreds of rare plants and animal preserved specimens. These specimens are used for explaining theory concepts easily to the students. The Biology Lab also has a well stocked library department to meet the subject references of teachers and students. The students also learn A to Z operation of compound microscope and dissection microscope. SHS Biology Lab is engaged in giving basic training and strong foundation to the future professionals.

Computer Lab

A fully air conditioned and networked Computer Lab using server client technology, equipped with latest high configured Dell PC and LCD monitors. Lab is also equiped with Projector which is used for demo purpose. Online as well as Internal exams are conducted with the help of Computer Lab..

Maths Lab

The Mathematics lab is another advanced system which enables the students to understand the mathematical concepts by doing it with mathematical instruments developed by Ramanujan Institute of Mathematics, Chennai.


The students are encouraged to learn and workout Art & Craft materials. There are trained teachers specialized in this area. Flower making, Glass Painting, Oil Painting, Cloth Painting, Clay Moulding are the major concerns.

English Lab

To learn and practise foreign languages through computer networked audio visual system there is a Digital Language Lab for the students from grade I to Grade XII.