Editorial Board

Editorial Board 2023-24

The school provides a creative and democratic platform for students, staff and the alumni to voice their ideas, opinions and suggestions through its monthly magazine ‘Elixir’. Electronic copy of the magazine can be downloaded from the school website. Being the kaleidoscope for showcasing the talents of our fraternity, our monthly magazine is sought after by all.

1 Editor-in-Chief Mrs. Vijaya Jebakumar
2 Managing Editors Mr. Joji Joseph HM (Junior Wing)
Mrs. Shanti Rajan HM (Primary Wing)
3 In-House Editor Mr. Harsha Kumar
(Dept. of English)
4 Assistant Editors Mr. Javid Ahmad Hajam (Senior Wing)
Mr. Avtar Singh (Senior Wing)
Ms. Devindra Kapoor(Senior Wing)
Mr. Vibin Vijayakumar (Junior Wing)
Mr. Yari Christian (Primary Wing)
Ms. Ravita Sharma (Primary Wing)
Ms. Amritpal Kaur (Primary Wing)
Ms. Sherry (Primary Wing)
Ms. Aarti (Primary Wing)
Ms. Anuradha (Primary Wing)