Integration of Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities is an inevitable part of modern learning. Various clubs of SHS, being the omphalos of Extra- curricular activities, are meant to achieve this goal. Under the guidance of fervent and dynamic teachers, our Clubs serve as a platform for students to prove themselves in various fields other than academics.

(Coordinator-: Mr. Harsha Kumar   |    Organiser-: Mr. Jijo Abraham)

"Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man".


  To inculcate among students a flair for the language and enhance their literary skills.

  To enable our learners to be developed into a holistic personality.

  To develop, practice and integrate the use of speaking, reading , writing and listening skills.

 To encourage students to display their intellectual as well as independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence.

 To build up the students to express themselves through Elocution, Debates, Creative Writing, Enactment, Extempore and Quizzes.

 To set literary standard of the students high.

 To enhance the competency of language to achieve desirable employment in their future life.

 To broaden the horizon of their knowledge.

 To inculcate the value of Reading.

 To boost their Creative Writing and Speaking skills.

 To motivate students to use their leisure fruitfully.

 To tune the students according to the rhythm of classy communication.

1 Debates 7 Story Telling
2 Elocution 8 News Paper Reading
3 Creative Writing 9 Extempore
4 Declamation 10 Monologue Presentation
5 Poem Recitation 11 Literary Quiz
6 Group Discussion 12 Skit / Play

(Coordinator-: Mr. Babish Babbar  |    Organiser-: Mr. Rajiv Kumar)

"Knowledge to Share"


 To develop software and hardware handling skills of our learners.

 To provide a platform to learners to discuss issues regarding innovation of software and hardware.

 To keep them up to date with the dynamism of technology.

 To acquaint participants with today's Cyber World.

 To equip the students to enter into the modern Cyber corridors.

 To broaden horizons of computer use.

 To build students to face challenges and threats created by cyber crime syndicates.

1 Computer Quiz & Debates 3 Computer Assembling Competitions
2 Designing Animation and Web Designing Competitions. 4 Programming Competition

   ECO CLUB   
(President-: Mr. P.C. Sekar  |    Vice-President : Mr. Balaji Kasirajan)

'Save Environment, Save People'


 To train students to keep the environment neat and clean.

 To enable students to use dustbins properly to avoid piling of garbage in public places.

 To educate the students to say ‘NO’ to plastic.

 To understand the connectivity of the ecosystem to each of its components and habitats.

 To make them learn how to use natural resources judiciously.

 To reduce consumption of Non-Bio Degradable substances.

 To drill the students to preserve energy and resources.

 To be well informed of alternative sources of energy.

 To instill the value of hygiene.

 To inculcate scientific temperament in learners.

1 PROGRAMMES: Nature / Environment camp, Tree Plantation, Teaching how to recycle waste materials, Herbal Gardening, Awareness programmes on Environmental Issues .
2 COMPETITIONS: Debates, Speech –during Morning Assembly, Drawing & Painting.
3 CELEBRATIONS: Environment Day, World Habitat Day, Forest Day, Earth Day, Pollution Day, Water conservation Day, Energy conservation Day, etc.

(Coordinator : Mr. Naresh   |    Organiser : Mr. Manoj)



 To foster interest in Mathematics.

 To boost ability of Analytical Thinking and Rationality.

 To develop Reasoning Skills to solve real life problems.

 To attain basic facts, concepts, principles and their applications.

 To make the beginners understand and appreciate Mathematics.

 To enable students to be abrupt and innovative in thinking.

 To develop heuristic and problem solving attitude among the students.

 To provide first hand experiences in Model Making, Preparation for Exhibition, Field Work, Laboratory Work and so on.

1 Organizing Inter-Class as well Inter-School competitions.
2 Organising discussions about the practical applications of Mathematics.
3 Organizing Mathematical Exhibitions / Fairs.
4 Organising Recreational activities in Mathematics such as Quizzes, Puzzles, Riddles, Catch-problems, Number Games, Code Breaking, Drawing, Origami etc.
5 Celebrating Days and Events, Making or collecting charts, models, picture, graphs etc. for the Mathematics Laboratory.

(Coordinator : Mrs Suman   |    Organizer : Mrs Devindra)

"Sahitaye Samaaj ka Darpan hai"


 To promote interest in Hindi Literature and Language.

 To motivate the students to express themselves in the Language.

 To inculcate among students a flair for the Language and enhance their Literary Skills.

 To induce Reading Habit in students.

 To encourage students to become orators and facilitate to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills.

 To imbibe a sense of confidence through activities.

 To develop their communication skills.

1 Observation of Hindi Diwas 7 Literary Quiz
2 Conduction of Special Assembly 8 News Paper Reading
3 Creative Writing 9 Extempore
4 Declamation 10 Speech
5 Poem Recitation 11 Elocution
6 Presentation of Special Programmes 12 Debate

(Coordinator : Mr. Avatar Singh  |   Organizer : Mrs Jaspal Kaur)

"Preserve Culture and Mother Tongue"


 To motivate the children to learn their Mother Tongue.

 To motivate the students to respect their Mother Tongue and explore in it.

 To analyse issues related to the language and come up with solutions.

 To build their confidence and to enable them to talk charmingly.

 To develop organisation and persuasive skills.

 To infuse awareness and to boost positive habits.

 To enhance the vocabulary to express themselves effectively.

1 Speech 6 Elocution
2 Conduction of Special Assembly 7 News Paper Reading
3 Creative Writing 8 Extempore
4 Declamation 9 Literary Quiz
5 Poem Recitation 10 Debates

(Coordinator : Mr. Navaneeth   |    Organizer : Mr. Sandeep Kumar)

"Develop Winning ways through Sports"


 To encourage healthy lifestyle through participation in Sports.

 To develop skills and techniques in a range of Sporting Activities.

 To promote friendship, fellowship and natural understanding among the members of the Club.

 To offer an opportunity to practise Sport and to pass leisure time actively.

 To improve, manage, develop and prepare ground for playing Handball , Basketball, Football, Cricket, Athletic & Sports, Billiard, Lead-Up games and other Indoor and Outdoor games.

 To encourage to make a positive contribution to society.

 To develop a Spirit of Sportsmanship.

1 Competitions: Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis , Standing Kho-Kho, Chess, Caroms.
2 Training : Training of skills Part by part, Health Fitness, Mass PT, Weight Training, Demonstration Activities ,Lezim ,Sport Training and Coaching.
3 Recreational & Fitness Activities : Yoga, Aerobic, Zumba