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Creating an environment that contributes to learning is the key to student’s success. We believe that social communication between students, their peers and the teachers determine a successful school experience. We feel that effective communication is a fundamental component to our educational philosophy. Quality of learning is more important for intellectual and social development. Classrooms at Sacred Heart School are well equipped. "A home away from home" environment is provided. The seating arrangement is designed in a systematic way so that the organizations of the seats help the students to feel comfortable. Well defined spaces within the classroom that are used for different purposes which ensure that students know how to behave in each of these areas. We also provide personal spaces that each students can call his or her own and areas for large and small group activities that set the stage for specific kind of interactions between students and teacher.
At Sacred Heart School, our up-to-date facilities and technology as well as our research priorities reflect our commitment to build an environment that advances critical thinking and enhances the practical application of new knowledge. We believe that access to cutting edge technology and resources enable students to perform at their highest level, enabling them to become new leaders in the future world.
Exploration, innovative problem solving, independent expression and decision-making are actively encouraged. Students become confident and active learners with a strong sense of self-reliability. We prepare students to face the challenges of the future by creating education programmes relevant to the changing scenario of the world.
Sacred Heart School takes pride in providing excellent air conditioned classroom amenities. The classrooms are temperature controlled, vivid, colourful, airy and equipped with an array of learning resources. Computers with interactive software further supplement classroom teaching.


Modern Desk and Bench

Centralized Air Coolers

Decorated Noticeboards to express students thoughts and ideas.