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Extra-curricular activities form an integral part of SHS. Our various clubs are the very epi-center of activity and are the pride of our school. Under the guidance of able and enthusiastic teachers, our Clubs serve as a platform for students to prove themselves in various fields other than academics.



“Complete development of a holistic personality”

Coordinator-: Mr. Rajesh Lakra

Organizer-: Mr. Gopa Kumar


  • To make a complete development of a holistic personality.
  • To develop and to integrate the use of speaking, reading and writing skills of the students.
  • T o provide vent to the students desiring to express themselves by way of elocution, debates, creative writing, enactment, dance newspaper reading, extempore speeches, symposia quizzes.
  • T o promote the use of English.
  • To set literary standard of the students.

  • To reach the competency of language employment in all walks of life.

  • Students will demonstrate their ability in express themselves.
  • Students will demonstrate their skill of creative writing, speaking.
  • Students will make a complete development of their personality.
  • Students will demonstrate their growth in communication.

Activities :

  • Debates,
  • Elocution
  • Creative Writing
  • Enactment
  • Dance
  • Story Telling
  • News Paper Reading
  • Extempore switches
  • Symposium
  • Literary Quiz



“Knowledge to Share”

Coordinator-: Mr. Babish Babbar

Organizer-: Ms Puneet Takkar


  • Provide a forum for members to meet and discuss computer issues
  • Keep up to date with new technology
  • Increase participants enjoyment and understanding of today's cyber world
  • Provide education about computers and software
  • Broaden horizons of computer use
  • Introduce new programs and options for computer usage

Activities :

  • Computer Quiz & Debates
  • Designing Animation and Web Designing Competitions.
  • Computer Assembling Competitions
  • Programming Competition


'Save Environment, Save People'

President : Mr. P C Sekar
Vice-President : Mr.Neeraj Chadda


  • To Educate students to keep our environment clean.
  • To enhance the use of dustbins (in school, home, colony & at all other places).
  • Not to throw garbage or dirt here and there.
  • Say NO to plastic.
  • Not to write on walls, floor or on school furniture.
  • Not to pluck flowers, leaves or cut trees.
  • Judicious use of natural resources like water.
  • To reduce consumptions of Non-Bio Degradable substances
  • Switching Off electrical gadgets when not in use
  • Go for alternative sources of energy like solar energy
  • To provide hygienic atmosphere
  • To avoid breeding places for mosquitoes

Activities :

  • Plant trees,garden walk,know your surroundings.
  • Competetion: debates, drawing & painting.
  • CELEBRATION: Environment day,  assembly time speeches, songs, news, joke, thought for the day etc.



Coordinator : Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Organizer : Mr.Bonifas


  • To use subject material systematically
  • Emphasis basic facts, concepts, terms, principles and their applications
  • To enhance the students ability of analytical thinking
  • To develo[ skills to apply mathematical knowledge to solve real life problems
  • To make the beginners to understand and appreciate mathematics
  • To develop an intrest in Mathematics

Activities :

  • Quiz contests,Maths Expo
  • Mathematical Puzzles
  • Learning by doing


"Sahitaye  Samaaj ka Darpan hai"

Coordinator : Mrs Suman Bajaj
Organizer : Mrs Yogesh Rani


  • To motivate the students to respect their National Language .
  • To promote interest in their National Language
  • To adopt Hindi as regional language
  • To create awareness for their National Songs(vande   matram)and National Anthem (Jan- gan- man)

Activities :

  • Competition:- Speech,Essay writing,News reading,Writing ,Poem recitation

  • Celebration:- Hindi Divas, assembly time speech, Poem, News reading, thought for the day etc



"Preseve Culture and Mother Tongue"

Coordinator : MR. Avatar Singh
Organizer : Mrs Yogesh Rani


  • To acknowledge the students 100% about their mother tongue. .
  • To enhance the vocabulary to read and write  very effectively
  • To explore our mother language.
  • To motivate the children for learning their  mother language
  • To motivate the students to respect their    mother language

Activities :

  • Essay writing competition.
  • Hand writing competition.
  • Chart making competition.
  • Speech competition.


"Develop Winning ways through sports"

Coordinator :Mr. Sachin Sharma
Organizer :Mr. Sandeep kumar


  • To promote culture, sports, religious and other youth activities
  • To encourage healthy lifestyle through participation in sports.
  • To develop skills and techniques in a range of sporting activities.
  • To promote friendship, fellowship and natural understanding among the members of youth club.
  • To organize cultural shows, stage dramas, musical soirees etc. from time to time either alone or in collaboration with similar Clubs in the country.
  • To improve, manage, develop and prepare lands for playing Handball , Basketball, football, cricket, , , , athletic & sports, billiard, karate, Lead-Up games and other indoor and outdoor games.
  • To invest the monies of the Club not immediately required upon such securities and in such manner as may from time to time be determined.
  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objective of the Club.
  • The income and property of the Club, however derived, shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the object of the Club as set forth.
  • To develop sportsmanship

Activities :

  • Warming up ,all body stretching exercise ,Lead –Up games, Cooling down .
  • Part by part skills training , , health fitness, mass PT, dumble, Indian club ,Lazium exercise  Circuit training, Interval training, Progressive and regressive training,
  • Competition: Handball, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket,Badminton, Table
  • Tennis , Standing kho-kho