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The kindergarten wing of our school is our crowning glory. It has spacious classrooms with all modern amenities. The play station is equipped with latest playing gadgets for them. Every classroom has a separate washroom with R O system of pure and hygienic drinking water and a smart class (LED projector) in every classroom for in order to educate them through modern concepts of learning .

Once the child climbs and walks into the portals of the school, he/ she walks into a HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Their respective teachers welcome the child with open arms to the classroom which is extremely colourful and attractive. The children learn various skills such as listening, speaking and writing skills. They are taught good manners. They greet anyone who enters their class, with an angelic smile on their faces and wish them politely.

Our kindergarten wing has an exclusive activity room setup as per the norms of Montessori system. Here the teacher trains the child to handle the Montessori facilities, equipments, play things. They also help the child to handle the complicated concepts easily. It has a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment which is necessary for the child’s overall development, growth and happiness. The child’s performance is evaluated through continitious, comprehensive evaluation system.

  • The internationally acclaimed Montessori Methodology
  • English Language Learning Activities through digital classrooms(smart class)
  • Reverse Osmosis purified water in each and every classroom
  • Well equipped Montessori lab
  • Centralized air conditioned classrooms
  • Well furnished and attractive classrooms
  • Amusement park for kids
  • Activity hall


Technology needs to be integrated into teaching and learning process and the School has done the best to ensure it in these centrally air-conditioned classrooms. Technological has been leveraged for better student-teacher interaction, productivity and communication. It makes teaching and learning simpler and enjoyable.


As part of the career-counseling programme the school conducts workshops, seminars, symposiums, etc. Eminent and Experienced professionals visit the school to provide special evaluation and guidance to the students for the career identification.


It is an international abacus-training programme for children 6-13 years old Children. This is an established revolutionary method of child's mental development and learning of higher arithmetic. Though the programme not only does the child's ability to solve mathematical problem but also empower to improves power observation listening and logical reasoning. Six students from this institution have taken part in ALOHA National Level Competition 2005 held in Chennai. Sacred Heart School is only learning centre for this ISO certify company programme conducted

by: - ALOHA INDIA ,32,1st Main Road,Chennai,India-600028. Website: -


  • VAPS CRM enables integration of all department functions and brings together all stakeholders such as students and faculty, finance, and HR, administration and management into a single solution fully integrated together.
  • Helps monitoring, tracking and better utilization of resources.
  • The student centric data is the core repository for the most important student data and is the central starting point.
  • The student file will carry personal information like address, contact details, financials, transport, hostel etc along with emphasis to academic performance through out the student carrier in the school.
  • Teachers and staff members can seamlessly manage the process of the student academic cycle.
  • Teachers and students can have real time accurate data from admission to internal assessments to class test and exams.
  • Introduces easy analytical reporting tools for quick and effective decision-making.
  • Facilitates better student and teacher collaboration for academic achievement.


  • Activity Hall equipped with VCD players and TV sets.
  • Fully air-conditioned classrooms.
  • Water Cooler in every classroom.
  • Modern play equipments.
  • Classrooms with modern, comfortable furniture and elegant wall paintings.
  • Numerous advanced teaching aids with Audio and Video equipments.
  • Medical checkup and follow up action.


In association with Edusports, the well designed and planned sports activities are carried out in our school. The kids of our school enjoy a lot with the equipment of edusports and these activities play a vital roll in the physical and mental strength.


The school is very much concerned about the health of the student and staff. So it provides safe and pure drinking water to all, for this purpose an expensive reverse Osmasis and Ultraviolet Sterilize purifier system has been installed in the school


  • Co-Education
  • Smart Class
  • Student Friendly Classes
  • Attractive & Smart Uniform
  • Health Care, Medical check up and Insurance coverage
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Modern Educational Society
  • Regular Monthly Interaction between Parents and Teachers
  • Group Discussion, Creative, cultural and Sports Activities
  • Magazines
  • Career Guidance and Counselling Program
  • Kids computer Lab: Kids play and learn through computer systems. This Lab helps the children to the develop their skills using computer.
  • Language Laboratory: An Electronic system for effective and advanced English language learning.