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Kindergarten believes that every child has the right to participate in high quality early childhood education and for tis very purpose SHS KG wing is the center of excellence, innovation and dedication. The curriculum is Montessori based, a method which combines a philosophy of education with a practical approach, based on the central idea of freedom for the child, within a planned and structured environment.

The school has a huge, well designed, colorful AC activity hall where students are imparted Montessori education. They are adapted to practical life, sensorial, phonetically and functionally designed language learning, mathematical and cultural exercises. They develop their fine and gross motor skills intellectually through senses. To assist in achieving this, the complete curriculum pattern is structured on the basis of themes.  
It is actually a unique method of child management involving handling and educating children. At two plus, we make them smart enough to learn and for this a conductive and a special environment which is safe, nurturing and stimulating is created in the form of a ‘prepared environment’ in our activity hall. The child’s growth and happiness is encouraged, monitored and championed.  

Our carefully formulated new generation materials, innovative activities and the conductive environment provide children with the opportunity to develop positive attitudes, appreciation, different learning skills, ideas and habits that are essential for a lifetime creative thinking and learning.



Thanking you,


Mrs. Parminder Toor