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God has given every one of us five senses. Children are taught to learn through the five senses. The purpose behind the sensorial training is to refine his/her senses of touch, feel, smell, sight and hearing. Through this process, the child will be able to perceive sizes, shapes, colours, odours, sounds and texures, etc. The sensorial materials in the activity room lay a solid foundation for subjects like English, Geography, Maths, Botany, Art and Music, etc.



The Montessori Trained teachers adopt a multi sensory approach that combines-phonics, stories through conceptual pictures and figures and language experiences to bring meaning to the learning of reading and writing. In this system, the child does not learn by rote.



The exercises of practical life, which are the foundation of Montessori environment provide a good range of activities. These activities help a child to develop, control and coordination of movement, awareness of its environment, inculcate good work habits, independence, order and positive self image.

In a modern competitive world, parents put their children under great stress and mental pressure to achieve the best result in examination. Thus children are forced to spend many hours in learning their subjects byheart and they become real book worms. Eminent educationalists, psychologists and great teachers have expressed their apprehensions with the existing system that deprives the child from enjoying the process of learning.

But we in Sacred Heart School evolve a unique and composite methodology for imparting education to the tendor ones. We try to make the text books as your child’s companion, and not to a burden.


The Modern Montessori International System adopted by the school has programs for children in different age groups.



PRE NURSERY [2 ½ years]

Children of this age group are very much interested to learn through activities. As they emerge from babyhood, they require both a stimulating and nourishing environment to develop their mental skills, sense of order, independence, concentration, responsibility of self and environment. Early number concepts and language skills will be taught in a fun and engaging way.


LKG [3 ½- 4 ½]

As a continuation from early learning experience from nursing, children of this age group are able to work with more complex exercises. Activities are mainly hands- on and this sets the basis for further development in abstruct concepts. Word building skills are taught in the lower kindergarten stage. 


UKG [4 ½-5 1/2 years]

At this stage children are ready to take on more complex exercises in a more disciplined way. Different skills like Mathematics, language and writing will be further developed in fun and manipulative ways. They will also be involved in early science and cultural activities which takes them to a new world of natural environment. Children at this age group will cultivate healthy habits, team sprit and an aesthetic appreciation for the world around them.


Dr. Maria Montessori, the brain behind the Montessori philosophy describes learning in the following way, “learning is an exciting process of discovery, leading to concentration, motivation, self- discipline and a love for learning”. As you always aspire to give your child the best care, we have specialized teachers who are trained to give the love and support that your child needs.


In accordance with the Montessori philosophy and its belief that each child is unique and therefore should be allowed to develop at his own pace, our Montessori trained and dedicated teachers from MMl teacher training institute (with international diploma from MMl London) will strive towards developing the full potential of your child.


We in Scared Heart School very strongly believe that only a properly, professionally trained Montessori teacher can exactly import and implement Montessori Education, using the specialized learning techniques and equipment of the Montessori “prepared environment”.


A classroom is like a small community with children having varying abilities in which everyone learns from one another and everyone contributes. Multi-age grouping allows each child to find his or her pace without feeling “ahead” or “behind” in relation to peers.


Slowly social development comes from being in a positive and unique environment with other children, which is an integral part of Montessori Education.

Just take a look at what sets us apart:  
  • Highly evolved and graded curriculum
  • Take home activities to foster parent child learning
  • Comprehensive reading and writing readiness programmes
  • Specific activities and games to enhance physical and sensory motor growth
  • Emphasis on creative arts like music art dance and pottery to fan self expression and imagination on theatre arts like dramatics and puppetry to develop language and social skills.
  • Technology integration to lend a fun filled dimension to learning
  • Periodic parent conferences including parent teacher meets at home
  • Highly experienced and committed teaching staff that regularly undergo professional development and training programmes to update skills.
  • Warm and encouraging ambience with temperature controlled classrooms.
  • Latest teaching aids and assessment techniques
  • Spacious play area
  • Field trips and visits to provide real life experiences
  • Medical check up
  • Yoga for spiritual development
  • Emphasis on development of personality along with spoken English and communication skills