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In Sacret Heart School, all students assemble at the beginning of the school day in one place, usually in the school ground where prayers are held, news is read out, and instructions are given. Sometimes, students are required to make a speech or the principal makes some announcement if necessary.

School assembly clarifies school activities and programmes and focuses on co-curricular life. The school assembly works as a unifying force. Students feel the school as an organized group and every student realizes that he/she is part and parcel of the school community. It works as a platform for propagation of commendable work. Outstanding performances and achievements of students in curricular and co-curricular fields get recognized before the entire school. Badges, certificates, cups etc. are awarded to the winners in the presence of entire school population. School assembly serves as a place for developing audience habits. Respects for others' feelings, courtesy towards speakers and guests, sensible applause at the proper time, appreciative attitude are some of the good audience habits that the students develop through school assembly. Celebration of some of the important national and international days help in broadening the mental horizon of pupils and acquainting them with the life of great scientists, discovers and statesmen.

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